Curriculum Planning, Organisation & Features

Curriculum Features

Our curriculum is designed according to the Education Bureau curriculum guideline to meet children’s physical and psychological development needs. Adopting the activity approach, it incorporates games, stories, site visits and group activities related to children’s daily life experiences to help children construct new knowledge. On top of these daily learning activities, children can also learn English with our native-speaking English teachers and Putonghua with our Putonghua teachers to develop their language abilities and to pave the way for entering primary school.

We adopt a diversified music program, supported with picture books and simple games, to enable children to learn in a relaxing, pleasurable way, and engage them in musical games and role-playing for the acquisition of knowledge. At the same time, we also integrate technology into teaching to empower children the ability to use a myriad of digital resources, with the adoption of a variety of games to consolidate the knowledge they have learnt, thus helping children attain whole-person development.