Historty and Background

School History & Background

With a history of over 20 years, Academy Kindergarten (Tin Shui Wai) was established in 1999 in Tin Chung Court, Tin Shui Wai by experienced education professionals. As part of the Education Bureau’s education reform, our school became a registered non-profit-making kindergarten in 1997 joining the Education Voucher Scheme. Accredited and fully funded by the Education Bureau, Academy Kindergarten (Tin Shui Wai) today is an educational institution that pays equal attention to both quality preschool education and child care services. We offer whole-day classes, half-day morning and afternoon classes. Having been operating for 20 years, we have brought together leadership and teaching staff who are professional, experienced and committed to education, and we have earned the recognition and appreciation from parents and all stakeholders of the industry.

School Features

Each year’s graduates are allocated to a desired primary school; In 2000, the Parent-Teacher Association was established, actively prompting the involvement of parent members in school activities and the collaboration between the school and the members; Our school is committed to fulfilling corporate social responsibility. We have joined the Social Welfare Department’s volunteer service programme to serve and give back to the community, as well as serving as a role model for our students; Our students demonstrate remarkable achievements and have won awards in different off-campus learning activities, e.g. exchange, performances, competitions, etc.; Our teaching staff joins an overseas exchange programme every year to broaden horizons, develop their teaching skills and promote moral development in school; Digital technology and modern practices are applied in school management and operations, e.g. CCTV, electronic school notice, smart card, robot, large interactive display screen, etc.

School Objectives

Academy Kindergarten (Tin Shui Wai) is dedicated to providing quality preschool education and child care services. We place children’s needs in the centre of their learning to promote their whole-person development, unleash their potentials and foster a balanced development in the five domains of ethics, intellect, physique, social skills and aesthetics. We strive to create a healthy, safe and clean campus with fresh air, sufficient light and comprehensive facilities, providing children with an extensive campus area where they can learn happily, grow healthily and become a future leader who is bright, intelligent and full of integrity.