Application Procedures

Admission Arrangements for K1 Classes in Kindergartens for the 2024/25 School Year

Admission application opens to children born in 2021:

  1. Collection of Application Forms (Unlimited quota for form distribution)

a. Download from the website of our kindergarten.[Download]

b. Collect in person from the school office Application forms are available from:  Date: Starting from 17th June 2023(Monday) TimeMonday to Friday (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.), Saturday (9 a.m. to 12 n.n.).

  1. Submit the Application Form (unlimited quota for form submission)

a. Submission procedures:

Submit the application form in person with the following documents:

~The original and a copy of the birth certificate of the child (Original copy for reference only);

~The original and a copy of the Immunization Record of the child (Original copy for reference only);

~2 photographs of the child (with name written at the back of the photographs);

~3 envelopes (attached with a return address and a $2.2 stamp);

~Application fee: 40 HKD (non-refundable).

b. Timeslot for submitting the application form
Date: starting from 17thJuly, 2022 (Monday)

Time: Monday to Friday (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.), Saturday (9 a.m. to 12 n.n.).

Application for the “Registration Certificate for Kindergarten Admission”:

  1. Under the “Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme” (hereafter referred to as “Scheme”)

implemented by the government, each child who is eligible in receiving education in Hong Kong will only be issued one registration document and all Scheme-KGs can only admit students holding a valid registration document.

  1. Parents are required to submit an application for the “Registration Certificate for Kindergarten

Admission” (hereafter referred as “RC”) to EDB from September to November 2023. The “RC” will be open for applications in September 2023 and EDB will announce and upload the details of application onto EDB’s website (link to be inserted) in due course. Upon receipt of the applications with all necessary information and documents, EDB will generally take six to eight weeks to complete the process of application and issue the “RC” to applicants who are eligible for receiving subsidy under the Scheme by post. If a student cannot obtain an “RC”, given the situation that he/she can receive education in Hong Kong but is not eligible to receive subsidy under Scheme 1, EDB will then issue a “Kindergarten Admission Pass” (hereafter referred to as “AP”) to the student concerned for registration and admission to a Scheme-KG. In this case, parents are required to pay full school fees before deduction of subsidy under the Scheme as shown on the Fees Certificate of the KG to which the child is admitted.

Admission Criteria:

  1. Interview performance.
  2. The applicant with sibling(s) currently studying in the kindergarten will be given due priority consideration.
  3. The applicant with parents currently working as staff in the kindergarten will be given due priority consideration.
  4. The applicant is currently living in the same district as the kindergarten.
  5.  If you apply for a K2 and K3 full-time class place allocation ,applicants with family needs can be given priority.(Please note that not all applicants who meet the priorities will be admitted due to place allocation restrictions.)

Interview Arrangements:

  1. An interview timeslot will be arranged for all applicants.
  2. The interview will be held on 1stof November 2023 (Wednesday) and the interview arrangements will be acknowledged to parents by mail.
  3. It is a group interview; only one of the parents is invited to join the interview with the child.
  4. For Non-Chinese speaking students conducting interviews/meetings with us if translation/interpretation services are needed, please contact our kindergarten directly at 22530099 or Email:[email protected]

Release of Admission Results:

Our kindergarten will release the admission results on 30th of November 2023 by post. If there is no mail received until 1st December, please call the school office at 2253 0099 for enquiry.

Registration Arrangements:

  1. Successful applicants: Parents shall visit our kindergarten in person from 4thof January to 6thof January 2024 (Centralised Registration Dates)in order to process the registration, the “Registration Certificate for KG admission” (“RC”) and $970 registration fee (half-day) are required to submit for the registration.
  2. Wait-listed applicants: Kindergartens will call parents to inform them of specific time periods; they shall visit our kindergarten in person in order to process the registration. They shall bring along the “Registration Certificate for KG admission” (“RC”) and $970 registration fee (half-day) for the registration.
  3. Parents shall be reminded that places might not be reserved if parents cannot process the registration in time.
  4. The registration fee for 2024/25 is $970 (half-day). If the child is attending the kindergarten in the coming academic year, the registration fee will be refunded in October. If parents decided to withdraw the place of their child, a written notice is required, and our kindergarten will return the “Registration Certificate for KG admission” (“RC”) to parents with no refund of the registration fee. Once the “Registration Certificate for KG admission” (“RC”) is returned, school places will not be kept and will be opened to wait-listed candidates.

Our school support services for Parents:

Our resident social staff are close partners of the home-school cooperation, stationed on campus two days a week and actively contact parents.

~ Connect with parents, identify their needs early, provide appropriate support and counselling, and enhance physical and mental health;

~ Promote parent-to-parent education, establish a healthy parent-child relationship through correct parenting attitudes, promote parent-child relationships, and give appropriate expectations to early childhood development;

~ Apply different strategies to promote a campus culture of care, inclusion, respect and mutual assistance;

~ Support families and provide crisis management for cases in need.

Emphasis on two languages and three languages:

English conversation is taught by foreign teachers in English, in the form of English nursery rhymes, games and stories to enhance children’s self-confidence and English communication skills.

Putonghua courses are taught by professional Putonghua teachers in the form of stories, nursery rhymes and games to enhance students’ ability and interest in “listening and speaking” Putonghua.

In the afternoon, bilingual classes were added to the kindergarten class:

In the afternoon, bilingual classes are added to provide a balanced bilingual teaching environment to help improve children’s English and Mandarin skills.

The school’s support services for non-Chinese speaking children:

Learning activities at all levels of the school are designed to cater for the learning needs of children from different countries, such as conversational storytelling, and teachers and non-Chinese speaking students by conducting Chinese storybook reading and extended play activities to help enhance their listening, speaking and reading skills in Chinese.

Contact Us / Enquiry:

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